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Located in San Diego, WWomics LLC aims to build bespoke software and algorithmic solutions to solve the biggest and smallest problems in biology. We draw on our diverse experiences and training in bioengineering, computer engineering, bioinformatics, proteomics, metabolomics, natural products discovery, and computer science to help our clients solve their problems as soon as possible. 

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Areas of Expertise


Let us help you identify and quantify your peptides, proteins, and post-translational modifications. Our experience in building community wide proteomics resources that has analyzed billions of spectra can help you get the most out of your data and distill it into reusable spectral libraries.   


We can aid in the identification and quantification of untargeted metablomics data. We aim to wrangle large or small datasets to find biomarkers using robust statistical and computational methods. 

Natural product discovery

Find what's new and what's old in your data. Our expertise in state of the dereplication using spectral libraries, structure database tools, and de novo structure determination allows you to squeeze the most identifications and structural characterizations out of your samples and data. 


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